Nowelo; Nowelo mau aku i ka na'auao - Perpetually seeing knowledge

Liko teaching oli on Moloka'i

Oli Appreciation Workshop
Instructor: Liko Puha

The intent of this interactive seminar is to introduce students to oli; the ancient Hawaiian method of chanting.

The traditional relationship between mele and oli is addressed as well as the relatively recent impact of outside influence upon Hawaiian vocal heritage. The class explores several distinctive vocalization techniques practiced by Hawaiians from the distant past to the present day. When performed by the mea oli (chanter), these vocal techniques enhance the language of the poetry being chanted and can evoke emotional responses in the listener. The object of the class is for students to be able to distinguish between various oli styles and their characteristics. Class handouts cover summaries of vocalization techniques, oli styles and a discography. A mele oli is taught to the students. By the conclusion of the workshop, the students will have gained an increased understanding and appreciation of oli when listening to this beautiful and distinctive vocal art form.

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