Nowelo; Nowelo mau aku i ka na'auao - Perpetually seeing knowledge

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To watch video of Liko Puha performing at a dedication of a museum exhibit about Hui Panala'au click on the left arrow on the Quicktime screen.

Liko Puha Hawaiian chanter

Liko Puha; EHCC
Liko Puha teaching at Kaupoa
2007 Royal Court Chanter
LEFT: Liko Puha chanting at the EHCC PIKO gallery opening RIGHT TOP: Liko teaching a chant at Keoki Kahumoku's Hawaiian Music and Lifestyle Workshop RIGHT BOTTOM: Liko as the 2007 Aloha Festival Royal Court Chanter

Liko Puha opening the Special Olympics in Hilo
Aloha Music Camp 2004
Liko Puha; Ola Na Iwi
Liko Puha; Niaulani
LEFT TOP: Liko Puha chanting at a Special Olympics event LEFT BOTTOM: Liko teaching oli at the Aloha Music Camp on Moloka'i RIGHT TOP: Liko on a twin hulled outrigger canoe as a participant of the Ola Na Iwi program RIGHT BOTTOM: Liko playing the Hawaiian nose flute for a blessing at Niaulani

Liko Puha; oli opening
Photo courtesy of Hawaii Music Live
Liko Puha, Michael Yamashita and hula brothers
Liko Puha teaching lei making at Family Day
LEFT: Liko Puha chanting at the George and Keoki Kahumoku/Norton Buffalo concert in Watsonville RIGHT TOP: Liko with Kaiaulu RIGHT BOTTOM: Liko teaching lei making at the Nimbus Arts Family Day

Liko Puha, Konabob, Mark Nelson, Robyn Kneubuhl at the Veteran's Home
Liko Puha holding a 'ukulele workshop
Liko Puha; oli pule
LEFT TOP: Liko Puha, Konabob, Mark Nelson and Robyn Kneubuhl at the Veteran's Home of California in Yountville LEFT BOTTOM: Liko teaching an 'ukulele workshop at the Wine Country 'Ukulele Festival RIGHT: Liko blessing the food at a luau at NImbus Arts

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